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Success Is A Process

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Success is believing in yourself.

Failure is something that for the most part we all dread it. We work and train hard in all efforts to avoid failure.  Almost as if  the more we fail the further away we come to reaching our goals. It can seem almost  crippling, to the point of stopping us dead on our tracks. Yet in reality our failures are the foundation on which our success is built upon. In our efforts to reach the top of the mountain we must give up our fear of heights lest halfway up the mountain we give into our fears and retreat.

  Giselle has been competing for almost a year now. Coming up short each time, but not due to lack of ability. She has been competing in age and weight brackets above hers. Giselle is one our most talented and fierce students, she has a great work ethic, works hard, giving her best while in training and encouraging her other teammates.  Her shortcomings in completion have been due to tactical and strategic errors due her lack of confidence and fear of losing. The fear of disappointing her family and friends that have come out to support.  This last Dream BJJ Kids Tournament held in West Covina Ca., once again thoughts of uncertainty and fear of losing have worked their way minutes before her first match. She broke down in tears and said she did not want anyone to see her loose again and she’d rather not compete. After some time of pep talking and reassurance she was back in. She went on to win first place and earn her gold medal. Most importantly she was successful on conquering her fears learning that every champion that’s faced adversity has lost at one point. But the CHAMP must show up!