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Summer Time Training

Weather is heating up and kids are out of school, summer is a great time to get your child training Jiu Jitsu. We’ve listed just a few reasons why this summer your child should start training.

1. Sprouting couch potatoe

Most kids excited to start their summer vacation to spend hours playing video games and watching movies. Training Jiu Jitsu during the summer is a great way to get them off the couch and into a healthier routine. You could be saving on electricity bills from giving that HighDef 65″ a break, and giving your child some very beneficial exercise.

2. Meet new friends

Making friends in Jiu Jitsu class is a pretty easy task even for the shy and timid child. Training BJJ during summer is a great way to build up confidence and learn socializing skills. Come next school year your child will have made new friends and and have built up confidence.

3. You deserve a break

Finding activities for the kids to do all summer can be exhausting. Museums, public library and pools, and even the mall are all great choices to relax for the summer, but let’s face its hard work being on call 24/7. Give your self a break by dropping your child off at BJJ class and set out to relax or run some errands without the kids nagging or demanding your undivided attention. All while they are active and learning valuable skills.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

Jiu Jitsu provides a great workout for your child. Not only do they benefit from socializing and building self confidence, training routinely has its health benefits. Keeping them busy at the gym keeps them away from the fridge and junk food at home.

5. Cool off

With scorching temperatures rising during the summer it. It’s nice to be able to get some refuge from the sun. So if you’re looking for ways to keep kids entertained and active, heading over to an air conditioned BJJ gym is a cool way to beat the heat.