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Join Our Tiny Samurais

  • Coordination, balance and body awareness

  • Increased Focus

  • Confidence building and social skills

  • Discipline and learning from failures

These are some of the many benefits our Tiny Samurai program has to offer.

The Tiny Samurai Program is for kids ages 3-5. It is designed to teach children balance, coordination and body awareness through various games designed for for JiuJitsu. By learning how to play the games they use their bodies and mind to increase their focus and ability to understand how to properly play the games, all while learning Jiu Jitsu with other children. Through our program children will learn how to build confidence and develop their social skills while being in a friendly environment that they can interact and enjoy together. Our Tiny Samurai program will help develop discipline and drive as they grow participating in all games even more as they learn from their success and setbacks.

Come in for a free trial and use this code when you sign up for a free Gi: TinySamurai

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