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Lessons From Jiu Jitsu

Top 5 Lessons Jiu Jitsu Will Teach You

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water…”

Martial arts has long been accredited with teachings and philosophical lessons that carry on to our everyday life. Regardless of each individual’s goals, there are common lessons that we all learn while on our path of training BJJ. Below are five common lessons learned while training Jiu Jitsu we feel translate into our everyday lives.

  1. Humbleness

    Undoubtably one of the most common lessons Jiu Jitsu teaches us is how to be humble. We’ve all had that experience on the mat with that young phenom who has been training since they were 5 years old, or that surprisingly strong old man who seems to always be a step ahead, the scenarios go on and on. The fact is we meet so many different people while training Jiu Jitsu, learning to be humble is of the the first steps to continue to grow and develop.

  2. Patience

    They say patience is a virtue and in Jiu Jitsu having patience can be the difference between timing a successful submission or escape or recklessly rushing into unsuccessful attempts. Quickly we learn that timing plays a key role in the techniques we seek to apply. Being patient while waiting for the right moment to apply our next move is pays dividends on and off the mat.

  3. Appreciation

    Wether you’re a full time athlete, martial arts enthusiast or just looking to stay in active and in shape, much appreciation goes into your training partners. Without them learning and improving would prove quite challenging. Everyone has a life outside of the dojo so you should appreciate the time they have set out and committed to training. Iron sharpens iron and having your training partners on the mat pushing to reach your goals as you do your best to assist in them in the same manner. We learn not to take small things for granted.

  4. Discipline

    From prioritizing and setting time aside for training to committing to loosing a few pounds to make weight for a tournament, being undisciplined is a sure way to come up short. Motivation is a great way to start and when emotions run high we seem to stay on track, its when the motivation has passed that discipline kicks in and carries us to the finish line.

  5. Perseverance

    Let’s face it Jiu Jitsu could prove quite difficult for any beginner. Being the new guy you sometimes feel like a toy for the more seasoned students to toy and play with. It takes time to develop enough skill to thwart off attacks and hold your own. Reaching your next belt promotion can also seem like a daunting task. Dedicating hours of training through good and bad days. When we feel like we’re going through a slump and not progressing we learn to stick with it chipping aways and through perseverance we succeed pull out ahead.

What are your thoughts or lessons you feel Jiu Jitsu has taught you?