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Mat Hygiene

Proper Hygiene On The Mat

As restrictions are slowly starting to lift it is important to remember proper hygiene has always been an important part of our everyday training. Nothing can replace cleanliness and good hygiene.

The first line of defense is ourselves, we must ensure that before stepping on the mat for training that we have done our part in not spreading germs and bacteria. Taking showers before and after training help minimize the risk of spreading germs. As a temporary alternative one could use disinfecting body wipes or solutions.

Bringing sandals that could easily be slipped on and removed are great to help prevent tracking dirt trapped inside shoes or on the hard floor surfaces. One should always ensure they are not walking around with bare feet especially in the restrooms.

Having long sharp nails could lead to some serious injury. With our hands and feet constantly making contact with our partners, nails should be cleaned and trimmed to prevent accidental scrapes and cuts.

Uniforms should be clean and dry to prevent the build up and spread of bacteria. Having multiple training attire helps in not having to wash your uniforms everyday and still have a clean uniform for training. Adding vinegar in the wash also helps combat bacteria.

Not feeling well? Play it safe and stay home, even if just a mild cold. No one wants to get sick so please don’t spread it. Stay home a few days give your body some rest and ensure you will not be passing any sickness around.


These are just a few tips and reminders, there are many other ways we can do our part in staying safe while training. following some simple and basic guidelines will help ensure a much more enjoyable training experience.

See you On the mat


1.) Soap and water are your friends.

2.) Proper gym attire.

3.) Keep nails clean and trim.

4.) Clean uniforms

5.) Stay home if sick.