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Pulling Ahead With Dedication

Set yourself up for the long run with dedication and by having a strong work ethic.

Having goals plays a critical part in our lives. It helps us move forward and provides us with a feeling of accomplishment and success. But, we must differentiate between motivation and discipline. We’re not always going to feel motivated but, that’s when discipline pays off. Being well disciplined is what allows us to overcome and accomplish our goals. Sometimes when we first begin to train we envision ourselves taking on a bigger opponent with ease. Quickly we find out it takes patience, hard work and dedication. With time we start to make progress and feel good about ourselves for having whatever little progress we’ve achieved.


Top 5 Things That Will Help With Discipline


  1. Change your perception – Look at the positive benefits of your action.
  2. Create a schedule – Be consistent and setting time a side for your goals.
  3. Be accountable – Know that your actions or your lack of, will result in you moving forward.
  4. Work to remove temptations – Distance yourself from things that will takeaway from your goals.
  5. Take small steps towards your goals – Don’t take on more than you can handle, small progress is better than no progress.